Don’t Let Paper Weigh Down Your Small Business

Don’t Let Paper Weigh Down Your Small Business Your company’s paper usage is likely anything but feather-light! Over time, the constant flow of files, folders, and documents can accumulate into something truly overwhelming. In addition to taking up valuable floor, cabinet, and desk space, reliance on paper files can clog company efficiency and end up … Read More

A Better Option for Document Storage

A Better Option for Document Storage Are you drowning in piles of files? Having trouble finding that one document? Tired of driving all the way over to the self-storage unit in the cold winter weather? Records Management Center is here to help you streamline your office’s document management process into an efficient, identifiable, and easily … Read More

Document Scanning vs. Digital Imaging: What’s the Difference? 

Document scanning and digital imaging are terms often used interchangeably with distinctly different functions. Here are a few ways to differentiate these services: The Difference Between Document Scanning & Digital Imaging Are document scanning and digital imaging really so different? Believe it or not, they are actually completely separate processes for converting a physical document … Read More