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Healthcare facilities, institutions, and large and small businesses in Maine and New Hampshire rely on Records Management Center to help their organizations transition smoothly from paper to electronic records. It’s fast, accurate, and hassle-free.

RMC offers full-service scanning and digital imaging programs, converting documents on paper, microfiche, microfilm, photographs, or nearly any other physical medium to digital files – thousands and thousands of documents on a single database.

  • Daily or Day-Forward Scanning – Records Management Center’s couriers pick up newly created paperwork and files on a regularly scheduled basis and our scanning department will convert the documents to digital format on quick turnaround to assist with digital workflow management.
  • Archive Scanning – Large conversion projects of all sizes from 10,000 sheets of paper to over 10 million+ documents.  Converted data can be stored on Records Management Center’s internal secure servers, in the cloud, or locally on the client’s network.
  • Scan On Demand – For clients that store hard copy files in Records Management Center’s secure records center or during a large scanning project, if a hard copy file is requested for access, we will immediately pull and scan the file and send a digital copy electronically through a secure file sharing service.
  • Customizable Filename Structure – RMC can uniquely index and structure scanned digital files to fit the client’s database management or ECM systems, including creation of batch import files.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing – Post-processing of scanned documents that allows words and characters within a digital file to be searchable.  Improves the searchability and accessibility of digital files.
  • Quality Control Assurance – Records Management Center reviews and Quality Control checks scanned documents throughout the scanning process, starting at the document prep stage, through the scanning and indexing process, and finally with dedicated quality control technicians.
  • Large Format Document & Map Scanning – Records Management Center can scan documents up to 42″ wide and of continuous length, such as maps, blueprints, engineering plans, etc.
  • Microfilm & Microfiche Conversion Records Management Center has specialized equipment to quickly scan microfilm rolls and microfiche slides to digital format for easier access, searchability, and viewing from a computer or mobile device.
  • Electronic File Transfer – Records Management Center can deliver data electronically over secure FTP, VPN, and/or encrypted email transfer or by encrypted hard drive or electronic storage device rotations.
  • Secure Online Web Portal (ClientWeb) – Records Management Center’s proprietary secure online web-based portal for inventory management and access to digital copies of files, with secure access, customized user rights, inventory ordering and tracking, instant accessibility, and 24/7 availability.
  • Secure Storage of Hard Copies – After scanning completion and data delivery, Records Management Center will store physical files to allow time for clients to review our work.  After review, RMC can transition the hard files to permanent storage within our secure record center, deliver the hard copies back to the client, or provide Nationally Certified document destruction.
  • Electronic File Back-up – Records Management Center will keep an offline copy of all scanned data files in our secure data vault in the event that the original data is corrupted or destroyed by an unforeseen disaster.

Some benefits of Scanning & Imaging services include:

  • Improved business processes – Faster access to and retrieval of documents and information means quicker turnaround time on tasks.
  • Better-informed decisions –  Quicker access to the right information results in streamlined meetings and informed consultations.
  • Better service delivery – With relevant information at your fingertips from a desktop computer or mobile device, your clients end up with the best possible service.
  • Increased efficiency – Less staff time is spent looking for data as there are fewer information silos and greater searchability.
  • Mitigation of business and reputation risk – Improved business continuity creates a consistent, unified and optimized company with efficient internal and external communication.
  • Cost savings – Less creation, storage, retrieval, and handling of paper records means reduced costs and improved operational efficiencies.

Leverage RMC’s scanning experts, processes, and infrastructure to convert physical documents taking up valuable space to digital through our imaging center.


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