The Best Ways to Stay Safe Online

Tips and Tricks to Protect Yourself Online In the age of digital connectedness and accessibility, more and more personal and business activities are moving online. Here are our best tips for keeping your organization’s online presence secure no matter what you’re doing. Keep your devices updated Making sure your phone, computer, and other electronic devices … Read More

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Layers of Security Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is a multi-step process used to verify the identity of online users. Often utilized to access online accounts, such as a bank account, web-based email, or file sharing services. MFA requires the user to provide proof of their identity in two or more distinct and separate ways. This … Read More

Document Scanning vs. Digital Imaging: What’s the Difference? 

Document scanning and digital imaging are terms often used interchangeably with distinctly different functions. Here are a few ways to differentiate these services: The Difference Between Document Scanning & Digital Imaging Are document scanning and digital imaging really so different? Believe it or not, they are actually completely separate processes for converting a physical document … Read More

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