What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Layers of Security Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is a multi-step process used to verify the identity of online users. Often utilized to access online accounts, such as a bank account, web-based email, or file sharing services. MFA requires the user to provide proof of their identity in two or more distinct and separate ways. This … Read More

Document Scanning vs. Digital Imaging: What’s the Difference? 

Document scanning and digital imaging are terms often used interchangeably with distinctly different functions. Here are a few ways to differentiate these services: The Difference Between Document Scanning & Digital Imaging Are document scanning and digital imaging really so different? Believe it or not, they are actually completely separate processes for converting a physical document … Read More

10 Great Reasons to Shred Your Documents in Lewiston & Auburn, Maine

Hey, Lewiston & Auburn! Did you know that we operate out of a location right near you? We’d love to connect you with a stellar local confidential shredding service and help you streamline your business. 1. Shred for Identity Theft Protection Your business or organization in Lewiston & Auburn, Maine holds a massive amount of … Read More