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Manage Your Entire Catalog Of Information From Your Desk

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Fully integrate your on-site and off-site records retention programs using ClientWeb, a secure online file management system provided by Records Management Center. ClientWeb, provided by Records Management Center, is an integrated web-based software platform that allows you to manage your entire catalog of information, including digitally scanned documents, off-site paper records, backup tape rotations, and even on-site file storage, easily and efficiently right from your desk.

With RMC’s ClientWeb client portal, your organization or practice can:

    • Order files, boxes, data tapes, purchase boxes, and request pick-ups at your office.
    • View complete record history and change of custody down to the second!
    • Access hard-to-find boxes, files, and data quickly and easily with ClientWeb’s full-text search engine.
    • Order, view, and manage digitally scanned documents and records and print or order the hard file from storage with Records Management Center. We also provide high speed scanning and imaging solutions to help convert your backlogged hard files and daily office work to digital format!
    • Filter orders by date range, document type, department, and more.
    • Request file delivery and pick-up and add special instructions for delivery hours, location details, the person receiving the file, and other notes.
    • Quickly view scheduled orders and dedicated deliveries, which will automatically readjust your operating hours and RMC’s delivery windows.
    • Add or edit box and file descriptions along with file type, dates, departments, and many other fields.
    • Customizable reporting functions can be created, modified, and produced with ease to immediately provide you with file locations, disposal dates, and dozens of other custom-created reports. Export to Excel, PDF, or HTML at the push of a button!
    • Manage access rights and user permissions right from within the web-based platform, from full-access administrator functionality to read-only user accounts.
    • Completely secure access using an SSL connection with AES-256 encryption and data stored on local, protected servers.
    • Mobile access through your smartphone can scan bar codes, check files in and out, and produce inventory reports.
    • And more!

For more information about ClientWeb, contact an RMC Information Management Specialist today for more details or fill out an online file management QUOTE REQUEST today!