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Microfilm and Microfiche were at one time the best options for backing up critical data, accessing information, and reducing the need for paper file storage. However, in the age of ever-advancing digital technology, these formats have proven to be obsolete. Image retrieval from microfilm and microfiche is time-consuming and requires bulky, outdated readers to view. Plus, the film itself is vulnerable to decay and loss.

Converting this legacy data to searchable digital files has tremendous benefits. It is often a requirement for companies, municipalities, schools, and government agencies. RMC has converted millions of images from microfilm and microfiche to digital format. Film conversions take place at our secure, state-of-the-art facility in Hampden, Maine.

No matter how much media you have, we can capture the highest quality digital images along with accurate index information at an affordable price. Our unique experience, specialized equipment, and proven imaging process will accommodate your microfilm and microfiche conversion on time and within budget.

How does Microfilm conversion work?

1. We’ll collect your microfiche and microfilm at your location and transport them to our secure facility for scanning. Your originals are meticulously handled throughout the entire process and safely returned to you after scanning. Also, we can provide Certified Destruction after processing.

2. We use specialized film scanning equipment to scan and convert microfiche, rolls of microfilm, negatives, and transparencies to digital PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, or JPEG formats. Contact Usand we will be happy to discuss your best options.

3. Once scanned, your digital files are then indexed for easy search and retrieval.

5. When the project is completed, digital images of the microfilm and microfiche are delivered to you via a secure encrypted file transfer or on an encrypted thumb drive.

Why Digitize Microfilm & Microfiche?

  • Save time by reducing how long it takes to find documents.
  • Immediate Access to microfilm & microfiche data via an indexed and searchable electronic database.
  • Save Money on valuable time that employees spend on searching for, printing & distributing documents.
  • Save Space and reduce clutter by eliminating bulky microfilm readers and filing cabinets.
  • Backup and Protect important data from decay, misfiling, and unforeseen disasters that can dismantle your business or organization.
  • Improve Customer Service with the ability to locate and share pertinent information quickly and easily.

CLICK HERE to download a video clip of one of our Microfilm/Microfiche Scanners.

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