A Better Option for Document Storage

Are you drowning in piles of files? Having trouble finding that one document? Tired of driving all the way over to the self-storage unit in the cold winter weather? Records Management Center is here to help you streamline your office’s document management process into an efficient, identifiable, and easily accessible system. No need to look through banker boxes in the basement (or attic) or shovel out the door to the self-storage unit– there’s a better way!

  • Find Safe Off-Site Records Storage – RMC facilities cover over one million cubic feet of secure storage area and operate with strict security procedures, keypad entry, and backup power sources and communication. Our climate-controlled records and data storage facility operates with monitored active alarm systems, fire prevention and suppression systems, closed-circuit security surveillance monitoring and recording, locked badge swipe entry with restricted access, and back-up power and communication.
  • Get Help Moving Your Files – Our professional, highly trained records management team is available and on-call 24/7 to serve your document storage and destruction needs. We will handle packing, loading, transport, and processing of your documents in a confidential, cost-effective, and timely manner.
  • Organize Files for Accessibility – Records Management Center can handle a wide variety of document and file types, provide a customized box and file-level indexing, tailored retention schedules and inventory reports, and improve accessibility to your information through 24/7 file deliveries throughout Maine by dedicated courier or fastScan-On-Demand options. 
  • Destroy Out-Dated Sensitive Documents – Countless regulations require the secure disposal of confidential information. As a NAID AAA-Certified document and hard drive destruction provider, Records Management Center and Shredding On Site guarantee our paper shredding and media destruction services’ effectiveness and security. Whether it be customer files, customer names, account numbers, internal memos, personnel and payroll information, financial documents, technical reports, insurance documents, or medical reports, we will thoroughly destroy each document up to the highest standards.
  • Recycle Your Shredded Documents – We can help your business go green! Committed to sustainability, Records Management Center and Shredding On Site shreds and recycles nearly 15 tons of our clients’ paper products every day. Through shredding and recycling paper for our customers we’ve saved over 51,400,000 gallons of water, 63,200 barrels of oil, 102,000 trees, and 29,400,000 kilowatts of energy just in the past year! 
  • Convert Paper Records to Digital Format – We’re pleased to offer full-service scanning and digital imaging programs. We convert documents on paper, microfiche, microfilm, photographs, or nearly any other physical medium into digital files to improve data search and accessibility while dramatically reducing the footprint to retain the data.

Important document storage guidelines to consider:

  • What do I have to do to stay compliant? Reduce your risk of exposure and remain compliant to your industry’s standards by trusting your files to Records Management Center! We’ll make sure you keep what you need and securely dispose of what you don’t. We serve and uniquely understand customers representing various industries, including, but not limited to, healthcare, medical records storage, banking, legal, architectural and engineering, retail, municipalities, energy, and local, state, and federal government agencies.
  • What do I do if I’m retiring from the business or medical practice? As a professional in your field, you have an obligation to respect and protect the records of your clients, patients, and employees. Records Management Center can safely and securely maintain storage of your records post-retirement and provide certified destruction of the files at the completion of their retention period through our NAID AAA Certified document destruction process. These files may include medical records, tax forms, bank statements, loan forms, insurance documents, employee information, and customer files. Protect your identity, the identity of your customers and employees, and keep confidential information secure through the retention  and disposal processes. 
  • How can I store items other than paper files? Whether you have medical records, historical records, deeds, blueprints, patents, contracts, or archival photographs, vital records are among your organization’s most valuable assets, and you need to ensure they’re protected, quickly accessible, and up to date. We have years of experience creating secure storage solutions for all media types while maintaining accessibility and retention guidelines. We can also help convert legacy data like microfiche and microfilm to digital format to function better for your office’s digital workflow.