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Records Management Center helps businesses and organizations throughout Maine & New Hampshire reduce the cost and risk associated with records and data protection and secure file storage. We serve and uniquely understand customers representing various industries, including, but not limited to, healthcare, medical records storage, banking, legal, architectural and engineering, retail, municipalities, energy, and local, state, and federal government agencies.

Protect your organization’s most valuable assets!

Whether you have medical records, historical records, deeds, blueprints, patents, contracts, or archival photographs, vital records are among your organization’s most valuable assets. You need to ensure they’re protected.

Records Management Center can handle a wide variety of document and file types, provide a customized box and file-level indexing, tailored retention schedules and inventory reports, and improve accessibility to your information through 24/7 courier deliveries throughout Maine and fast turnaround, Scan-On-Demand options.

Records Storage

RMC facilities cover over one million cubic feet of secure storage area and operate with strict security procedures, keypad entry, and back-up power sources and communication. You can depend upon us for confidential records storage, standard and rush deliveries, high-speed document scanning, certified media destruction services, and much more.

Key features of RMC’s records retention & management program include:

  • Secure Records Retention Facilities – RMC operates specialized, climate-controlled records and data storage facilities with strict security protocol and procedures, monitored active alarm systems, fire prevention and suppression systems, closed-circuit security surveillance monitoring and recording, locked keypad entry with restricted access, and back-up power sources and communication.
  • Strict Security Compliance – RMC personnel are trained in risk management and confidentiality procedures to ensure your information stays yours. Employees are subject to background investigations, drug testing, confidentiality agreements, and security training, including HIPAA and other industry regulation training programs. RMC staff are uniformed and badged.
  • 24/7 Availability, Rush & STAT Deliveries – Your employees will no longer have to go to undesirable locations to find the files they require. Our highly-trained staff and delivery drivers can bring the records right to you, 24/7. All vehicles are secured and actively monitored by GPS tracking systems, and files are delivered to authorized personnel only with signature confirmation.
  • Scan-On-Demand – If a hard copy file is requested for rush retrieval, we can immediately pull and scan the file and send a digital copy through our secure file sharing service. Archival and Day-Forward scanning and conversion services are available upon request.
  • Customizable Box & File-Level Indexing – RMC can uniquely index and structure content description and retention fields to fit the client’s storage and retrieval systems, allowing for familiarity and quicker access to information, on-call when you need it most.
  • Bar Code Inventory Tracking – All inventory is bar-coded with unique identifiers and tracked with a proprietary and specialized records inventory database management system. The chain of custody, including each movement of a specific file, is tracked and recorded in our system.
  • Tailored Retention Schedules & Inventory Reporting – When your sensitive information is stored with us, you will be provided with customized reports listing the inventory at the box and, if chosen, file level. Inventory reports can be broken down by department and/or date. Department and box-level retention schedules can be applied to help your organization stay in compliance and actively manage inventory levels.
  • Master & Departmental Detailed Billing – RMC provides monthly invoicing with a master summary overview with a detailed breakdown of storage and activity charges at the departmental level.
  • ClientWeb Secure Online Web Portal – RMC’s proprietary secure online web-based portal for inventory management and access to client files, secure access, customized user rights, inventory ordering, tracking, instant accessibility, and 24/7 availability.
  • NAID AAA Certified Document Destruction – Secure and compliant certified destruction of documents and paperwork at end-of-life, seamlessly integrated after retention expiration and sign-off.

Why Consider Offsite Storage with Records Management Center?

  • BETTER UTILIZATION of costly office space – Records retention uses valuable office space for non-revenue generating purposes. These intrinsic costs may be hidden and included in total occupancy costs but are there nonetheless.
  • REDUCED LABOR COSTS – Employees can spend more time working and less time searching for files. Our clients also minimize the risk of potential Workers’ Compensation claims because employees no longer have to reach up high for that file box.
  • COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL – RMC personnel are trained in risk management and confidentiality procedures to ensure your information stays yours.
  • COMPLETELY SECURE – Unmarked, locked, and monitored facilities with full-scale disaster recovery plans.
  • CUSTOMIZED INVENTORY reporting – When your data are stored with us, you will be provided with a physical or digital customized report listing your inventory down to the file (optional). There are no more questions as to where a record is and who may have it. Inventory reports can be broken down by department and/or date. Other specialty reports are also available to fit your organization.
  • ON-CALL DELIVERY is our specialty – Your employees will no longer have to go to undesirable locations to find the files they require. Our highly trained staff and delivery drivers can bring the records right to you, 24/7.
  • We employ the best risk management practices in the industry. In these troubling times of uncertainty, risk management and record backup have been a major concern for many businesses, government agencies, and healthcare providers. With off-site records retention, should a major catastrophe occur at your location, it will have little or no effect on your records.

Additionally, Records Management Center is one of the only facilities in Maine that has off-site vaulted storage, where digital records and media are safe, secure, and protected. Records Management Center performs daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly tape rotations from our vault and provides off-site computerized media access.

What Happens If?

Let Records Management Center be part of your disaster recovery program. Any records storage business can state that they hold your files in a warehouse. However, the real question should be: Can that other records storage business retrieve files when you really need them, without question, 24/7, provide on-site and off-site shredding, schedule courier services throughout Maine and New England; and consult with you to provide the best on and off-site records retention program for your organization?

At Records Management Center, all key systems such as heating, security, telephone, and computer network are on an automatic generator back-up system. Should there ever be a major catastrophe or power outage, Records Management Center will still be fully operational to provide for our customers when they need it most.

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