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Helping Healthcare Organizations Transition To Electronic Records

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Records Management Center can help your healthcare organization transition smoothly from paper medical records and patient charts to electronic records, fast, accurate, and hassle-free. We partner with healthcare organizations to reduce costs and improve patient care by implementing customized, centralized, and integrated solutions to convert patient charts to electronic health records.

Records Management Center’s dedicated scanning department has successfully and efficiently scanned and processed tens of millions of documents, both for archived files and day-forward document scanning programs, including patient file scanning conversion into Electronic Medical Record systems. We service a variety of healthcare organizations and practices throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

RMC can handle a wide variety of document types and file formats, provide customized file indexing, OCR processing, and can deliver digital files to your specifications, whether over secure file transfer directly into the customer’s database or EMR system or through encrypted physical media.

Benefits of Day-Forward Patient Chart Scanning with RMC

1) Significant Cost Savings

  • Realize savings of up to 75% with RMC compared to internally processing patient chart scanning.
  • Reduce budgets by offsetting up to 4 FTEs for the comparable cost of 1 FTE, scalable.
  • Only pay for what you need – RMC’s off-site scanning solution instantly scales to actual throughput demand.

2) Reduce Overhead and Refocus Resources

  • Fewer staff on payroll to manage; less hardware and infrastructure to purchase, repair, and replace.
  • Minimize recruitment and staffing issues related to medical record workflow.
  • Refocus key staff and resources on patient care.

3) Unified and Integrated File Management Process

  • Get everyone on the same page – improve SOPs, compliance, and security.
  • Utilizing RMC’s centralized system for patient chart scanning will ensure standardized file management controls and procedures are integrated throughout departments, practices, and remote locations.

4) Quicker Turnaround and Faster Billing

  • Improve the time to bill for services by as much as 1.5 weeks.
  • Coding and billing are often processed after a completed chart is scanned and uploaded into the EHR system. RMC will help remove the bottleneck.
  • Turnaround for digital conversion as quickly as 24 hours upon receipt of paper files, getting the complete digital charts in front of coders faster.

5) Improve Accuracy and Quality of Patient Health Information and Patient Care

  • Expertly trained staff, proven processes, and robust quality control assurance.
  • RMC produces more accurate and higher quality electronic health records, faster.

Key Features of RMC’s Document Scanning Programs

  • Daily or Day-Forward Scanning – RMC’s couriers pick up newly created paperwork and files on a recurring basis (daily/weekly/monthly) and our scanning department will convert the documents to digital format on a quick turnaround to assist with digital workflow management.
  • Archive Scanning – Large conversion projects of all sizes from 10,000 sheets of paper to over 10 million+ documents in storage. Converted data can be stored on RMC’s internal secure servers, in the cloud, or locally on the client’s network.
  • Scan on Demand – For clients that store hard copy files in RMC’s secure records center (or during a large scanning project), if an un-scanned file is requested for access, we will immediately pull and scan the file and send a digital copy electronically through a secure file sharing service.
  • Customizable Filename Structure – RMC can uniquely name and structure scanned digital files to fit your database management or EMR systems, including the creation of batch import files.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing – Post-processing of scanned documents that allows words and characters within a digital file to be searchable. Improves the search-ability and ease of access to digital files.
  • Quality Control Assurance – RMC reviews and QC’s scanned documents throughout the scanning process, starting at the document prep stage and ending with 15% of post-processed files QC’d (standard) up to 100% QC based on the scope of work requirements.
  • Large Format Document & Map Scanning – RMC has the ability to scan documents up to 42″ wide and continuous length, such as maps, blueprints, engineering plans, etc.
  • Electronic File Transfer – We can deliver data electronically over secure SFTP, VPN, and/or encrypted email transfer or by encrypted hard drive or thumb drive rotations.
  • ClientWeb Secure Online Web Portal – RMC’s proprietary secure online web-based portal for inventory management and access to digital copies of customers’ files, with secure access, customized user rights, inventory ordering, and tracking, instant accessibility, and 24/7 availability.
  • 90-day Storage of Hard Copies – After scanning completion and data delivery, RMC will store physical files for up to 90 days to allow time for customers to review our work. After 90 days, RMC can either put the hard files in permanent storage within our secure record center, delivery the hard copies back to the customer, or offer NAID AAA Certified document destruction.
  • Electronic File Back-up – RMC will keep an offline copy of all scanned data files in our secure data vault in the event that the original data is lost, corrupted, or destroyed by an unforeseen disaster. We will retain the data backup at the customer’s requested retention period.

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