What Can I Put (Or Not Put) in a  Shredding Bin

What Can I Put (Or Not Put) in a  Shredding Bin

Our recurring shredding program is very popular because of its “SET IT AND FORGET IT” convenience. Because of that, it’s easy to forget what you can (and cannot!) put in your shredding bin. When you set up a recurring shredding program with Shredding On Site, we will place secure shredding bins at your office so your team can fill them with the paperwork to be shred and recycled. However, there may be more items that you can place in the shredding bin (or maybe shouldn’t!) than you realize. Continue reading to learn more!

What Can Go in the Shredding Bin? (Hint: More than you think!)?

In addition to all forms of standard copier paper, your team can dispose of a variety of other common office materials in the shred bins. These items may include file folders, envelopes (with windows!), notepads, colored paper, sticky notes, card stock, manila interoffice folders, and more!.

And get this: No need to remove staples and paperclips – throw those stapled packets of paper right into the shredding bin!

Also keep in mind, all shredded materials will be 100% recycled, so there’s no need to sort you paperwork between confidential (to put in the shredding bin) and non-confidential (to put in the recycling bin) – just put all office paperwork and files into the shredding bin! Reducing the hassle, time, and costs of running two programs AND improve security compliance!

What Cannot Go in the Shredding Bin?

There is a limit to what can be placed in the shredding bin. Say NO to toy plastics, metals, glass, styrofoam, trash, food waste, cardboard boxes, and especially medical waste!

Although our high-throughput industrial shredders can typically shred just about anything, the NO-GO items can cause damage to machinery (including fires), prevent a load of shredded paper materials from being recycled (which creates waste!), and, most importantly, can be hazardous to the health of SOS employees.

It’s important to specify to all employees that the shredding bin is designated for paper-based products, and is not a trash can. One tip that can help keep NO-GO items out of the shredding bin is to consider placement within your office: Break rooms or office kitchens and trash collection areas are NOT ideal locations for shredding bins. Yes, we often find food waste and beverage containers inside shredding bins that are located in office kitchens…

Also, if shred bins always remain locked, it not only helps with in-office security compliance, it makes it much harder for staff to “cheat” and place waste in shredding bins.

With all that said, our goal is to thoroughly and permanently destroy confidential information, regardless of the format it is stored. If you have confidential information stored on a material not listed among the acceptable materials and would like to destroy it, just let us know! Place the items in a separate, secure location – not in the paper shredding bins – and give us a call. We will create a certified destruction plan specific to that material and handle the rest!

How Do Recurring Shredding Programs Work?

Shredding On Site will set up a recurring shredding program that will fit the requirements of your office in Maine or New Hampshire. We offer a number of service frequency options, such as weekly service or every four-week service (most common), and can provide a number of shredding containers and container types. It’s also important to note that all shredding and destruction services provided by Shredding On Site are nationally certified through the National Association of Information Destruction’s NAID AAA Certification standards.

Once you’re ready to get started with a recurring shredding program for your office, here’s how it works:
We will help you determine the service frequency and number and type of shredding containers. The two most common options are 64-gallon locked bins and 36-gallon locking executive office consoles. We can also provide smaller locking desk-side containers.

After setting up your account, we will provide you with a service schedule calendar that includes exact dates we will service your locations throughout the year. We also provide a “new customer packet” that explains the process and includes handouts for staff (see the List of Acceptable Materials included in this post).

We will drop off the locked containers at your office or, if multi-location, at each office. At each of your scheduled service dates, we will arrive at your office with a specialized mobile shredding truck, retrieve your shredding containers, scan the barcode of each container, and shred the contents of the containers within the mobile shredding truck. We then return the locked containers to their respective locations.
Upon completion of the recurring shredding service, our driver will note the time of service and volume of paper shredded, and you will receive a digital copy of the completed Work Order, which includes the Certificate of Destruction.

All shredded paper is commingled in the collection area of the mobile shredding truck, unloaded at an SOS mobile off-load facility, baled, and then shipped off to recycling mills. We then invoice your office for the service and then the process repeats! Once your business is set up on a recurring shredding program, and after a little training on what can (and cannot) go into the shredding bin, you and your staff can truly “set it and forget it” and be assured your confidential information is being handled by the highest security and compliance standards with Shredding On Site.

Does a Recurring Shredding Program sound like a perfect fit for your office? Contact our team at 207-990-4636 or get a quote here!