Top 5 Reasons Why Chambers of Commerce Should Partner with Shredding On Site

Top 5 Reasons Why Chambers of Commerce Should Partner with Shredding On Site

1. Secure, On-Site Confidential Paper Shredding 

We guarantee the effectiveness and security of our paper shredding and media destruction services. When Chambers of Commerce in Maine and New Hampshire partner with Shredding On Site, they can offer business members the ability to securely shred and recycle customer files, financial information, account numbers, internal memos, personnel and payroll information, financial documents, technical reports, insurance documents, or medical reports via NAID AAA-Certified destruction methods. This offers peace of mind and compliance assurance to companies, as well as increased confidentiality to members of the community who are actively supporting local businesses.

2. Exclusive Discounts for Chamber of Commerce Members

Partnering with Shredding On Site means extended savings for the local business community! We’ll work with your Chamber of Commerce in Maine or New Hampshire to extend special discounts to members for shredding services and more. For example, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce members receive 15% off shredding services. See more on that partnership here!

3. Environmental Sustainability for the Community

We work hard to recycle all shredded materials! We save over 100,000 trees annually by recycling shredded paper waste. By partnering with us, your Chamber of Commerce offers the community the ability to transform their paper waste – that would otherwise settle in landfills – into a new paper product. This puts less strain on the environment and helps everyone take a big step toward greener practices!

4. Additional Member Perks

When a Chamber of Commerce in Maine or New Hampshire partners with Shredding On Site, it creates more incentive for local businesses to become members. Chambers provide access to both assets and relationships that help local companies save money and market themselves. Becoming a Chamber of Commerce member can increase sales visibility and credibility!

5. Sponsored Events 

Shredding On Site has a long history of partnering with Chambers of Commerce throughout Maine and New Hampshire to provide community events and fundraising opportunities! Schedule an annual Shredding Event at your Chamber of Commerce to allow the local community to bring outdated sensitive documents to be shredded right on site.  It’s a great opportunity to show community support, network with community members and businesses (especially when combined with a BBQ!), or to partner with a local charity to raise funds for a great cause.

Click this link or call us at 207-990-4636 to get started with a unique partnership opportunity with Shredding On Site to support your local business community!