Tips For Archiving Records in 2023

Tips For Archiving Records in 2023

What Is Records & Document Archiving, And Why Is It Important For My Business?

As you get started in 2023, it’s important to take inventory of your business records storage and archival processes to strike the ever-important balance between keeping records accessible and protected, yet out of the way to minimize clutter and compliance concerns. Archiving is the process of storing completed (or “static”) records or documents until they need to be accessed again. For many businesses, this means working with a third-party records and information management solutions provider like Records Management Center.

Assess Records Storage Requirements

Before archiving your business files, it’s important to think about a number of key factors: 

  1. Does your business need to retain hard copies, or can you transition to digital records? 
  2. Who will need to have access to archived documents, and how should your office be able to access them? 
  3. Will your business store paper files, or will you also need to organize, archive, and protect other media types like historical items, deeds, blueprints, electronic media, microfilm, and microfiche, or archival photographs? 

Records Management Center offers a variety of archiving and records inventory management services to match your business’s archival and workflow requirements.

Modernize Records Storage Solutions

One of the best ways to securely archive your files and documents – and free up valuable square footage at your office – is to modernize your storage solutions. Records Management Center offers document scanning and digital imaging services to transition your boxes documents into an organized, instantly-accessible digital database. Files can be stored and securely accessed in the cloud or locally on your business’s network. 

Digital files improve ease of access to information critical to your office workflow. Canned documents that are post-processed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) allows for words and characters within a digital file to be searchable, as opposed to digging through filing cabinets and thumbing through a stack of hard-copy papers.

Clean Up and Clear Out Valuable Office Space

If you have a business office, you know how valuable every square foot of it becomes when maintaining efficiency and organization within your team, especially if your business is growing. Optimize that space by removing file cabinets, boxes, and physical documents from your office during the archiving process. 

Records Management Center provides a protected and organized off-site records storage solution that handles a wide variety of document and file types, with a customized box and file-level indexing, tailored retention schedules and inventory reports, and improved accessibility to your information through 24/7 courier deliveries and Scan-On-Demand options for faster turnaround.

Files moved to RMC’s secure records facility are protected with the following:

  • Strict security protocol and procedures
  • Monitored active alarm systems
  • Fire prevention and suppression systems
  • Third-party pest control
  • Closed-circuit security surveillance monitoring and recording
  • Locked entry with restricted access 
  • Back-up power sources and communication 
  • Professional and highly trained staff 
  • Records inventory management system and control

Paper Shredding and Certified Destruction

Part of archiving your company’s documents may mean getting rid of files you’ll no longer need. However, there are countless regulations and compliance concerns requiring the secure disposal of confidential information. 

As a NAID AAA-Certified document and hard drive destruction provider, Records Management Center and Shredding On Site guarantee paper shredding and media destruction services that are effective and secure. Whether it be customer files, customer names, account numbers, internal memos, personnel and payroll information, financial documents, technical reports, insurance documents, or medical reports, RMC & SOS thoroughly destroy each document up to the highest standards, then provides a Certificate of Destruction for your records (and peace of mind).

Need help archiving records 2023? Give the experts at Records Management Center a call!