The Many Ways to Give Back as a Business

One of the greatest honors we have as a company is the ability to give back to our community and find new ways to lend our support to important causes. You don’t have to have to be a billion-dollar corporation to be able to make charitable donations as a business! Companies of all sizes have options for donating to non-profit organizations, volunteering in-kind services, or otherwise supporting charitable causes. Here are some ways to implement giving back this year:

Direct Donations – The most commonly thought of form of donation is just that – cutting a check or collecting cash to contribute to an organization or cause in need. This method is direct, simple, and efficient, as well as beneficial when tax season comes around! Direct donations can often be made online or in person. It’s always better to donate to known organizations so that you can be sure the money goes to those in need. Also, be sure to keep a record of your company’s contributions.

In-Kind Donations – When your office or company gives away goods or pro-bono services, these are “in-kind” donations. This may include donating inventory, supplies, advertising, or intangible assistance. One strong benefit to this kind of donation is the satisfaction of knowing that the materials and services are going directly to the organization and will be put to use immediately!

Donation Drives – Encourage team members to contribute to a good cause by hosting a donation drive at the workplace! This encourages healthy competition, fosters connection at the office, and offers opportunities for employees to have the satisfaction of contributing their efforts to those truly in need.

Creating a Foundation – Is your company able to contribute on a larger scale? Company ownership or corporate leaders could form a trust or a foundation to make continuous donations (for example, scholarships or grants). Consider partnering with an existing institution and make sure to work with legal and accounting to ensure everything is set up correctly.

Volunteering – Most charitable organizations welcome assistance at any time of year! Lending a hand in a literal sense is a fantastic way of developing a sense of teamwork within your company, building your local network, and helping contributors to feel directly involved. Companies can provide time during the workweek for employees to volunteer time or sponsor employees that engage with volunteering during their time off.

Sponsorships and Partnerships – A great way to both support local groups and charities AND build publicity is with sponsorships. Sponsorships can consist of direct donations, in-kind contributions, or other forms of support. For example, a business may provide a location or materials for an event in exchange for displaying the brand’s name in a prominent place during the event. This positive form of publicity does great things for reputation management and bolster word-of-mouth advertising, while still supporting the community!

Many Ways the Lynch Family of Companies Give Back

  • The Lynch Family of Companies and employees raised over $3,000.00 through an employee auction for the benefit of the Christmas Is for Kids program organized by Penquis!  Lynch employees raised $1,530.00 through auction proceeds – and Lynch matched dollar for dollar as a company, resulting in a grand total of $3,060.00 raised! 
  • Lynch Logistics driver, Ernie, had the honor of making a delivery for Wreaths Across America! We’re so very proud to have a Lynch family member supporting this incredibly important national cause. We were treated to a special tour of WAA headquarters and a history of the organization’s purpose and growth. This was an unforgettable experience!
  • At Central Maine Moving & Storage, we gathered non-perishables for a food drive to benefit Neighbors Serving Neighbors! An overwhelmingly generous amount of food was collected and dropped off, with a total cash donation of $1,669.00!
  • We also found ways to give back to our own team!  We purchased and drew tickets to multiple events over the summer, fall, and winter to the Waterfront Concert Series and Cross Insurance Center events. Winning employees received tickets, along with cash for food and parking, to many of the local entertainment events. A great time was had by all!

Total 2021 Charitable Contributions by the Lynch Family of Companies:  $22,028.00

Lynch Family 2021 Charitable Contributions Benefactors included:

  • ME Veterans Project
  • Pine Tree Society
  • Bangor Area Recovery Network
  • Christmas is for Kids
  • Turkey Drive WABI TV 5
  • St Joseph Hospital for the Commit to Fit
  • NLH Maine Coast & Blue Hill Hospitals
  • Catch the Cure – Cancer research on behalf of an employee’s relative
  • Animal Charity
  • NLH Champion The Cure Challenge