Creating a Disaster Recovery Program for Your Files

Creating a Disaster Recovery Program for Your Files

An emergency can happen at any time. It is paramount to protect the privacy of your business, team, and clients by taking measures to secure confidential files – both digital and physical. Take these steps to make sure that fire, flood, electrical malfunction, misplaced hard drives, and other disasters don’t impact your databases:

1. Store Files & Data Off-Site

At Records Management Center, our secure data retention facility is built to safely, securely, and properly store records and data. Utilize our off-site records retention programs as a part of your disaster recovery plan.  Key attributes include: 

  • Active security system with contact and motion sensors monitored 24/7 by third party with audible intruder alarms
  • Magnetic-locked entry vestibule with badge access controls for entry/exit tracking; entry points are locked at all times
  • Efficient climate control systems and third-party pest control
  • Internal and external video surveillance cameras
  • Back-up, whole-facility automatic generator system
  • Secure and redundant IT systems and communications with high-speed dedicated fiber network and cellular wireless back-up
  • Digital visitor logs with confidentiality agreement signed prior to entry
  • Visitor badges worn when inside; all visitors are escorted by RMC employees at all times (no unattended access).
  • Proprietary commercial inventory management system and specialized racking and storage solutions unique to file boxes, data tapes, and other media.

2. Control Access to Your Files

We will help you control and manage access to records, making sure that confidential information never falls into the wrong hands or is “lost.” Records Management Center can ensure that when your records need to be retrieved from off-site storage, only authorized team members would be able to request, view, and receive the information. We also offer ClientWeb, a simple and secure online portal to access your files and inventory.

3. Scan Files for Instant Access

Records Management Center offers scan-on-demand options for files stored in our facilities – whatever you need to access is available to you in a matter of minutes. Additionally, our courier service can deliver hard copies of your sensitive documents throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Never worry about your original copies being misplaced, damaged, or inaccessible again!

4. View and Access Your Inventory Remotely

A quick, easy, and secure way to access records remotely is through ClientWeb, our proprietary secure online web-based portal for inventory management and access to files, secure access, customized user rights, inventory ordering, tracking, instant accessibility, and 24/7 availability.

5. Continued Records Retention After Retiring or Closing

If you are retiring from your practice or firm, or are closing a business, but need to maintain sensitive records until expiration, Records Management Center offers an off-site records management“set it and forget it” program.  We will compile, inventory, and transfer all records to our retention facility and maintain secure storage with convenient accessibility until it’s time to destroy the records.  You can prepay for this service, including certified document destruction after the retention period, so that you don’t have to worry again!

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