5 Reasons a Recurring Shredding Program is Critical For Your Business

Daily office paper waste can accumulate quickly. Your trash can and recycling bin are not secure nor appropriate destinations for confidential information. Small desk-side shredders are slow, inefficient, and break down often. Establishing a recurring shredding program with a nationally certified destruction service provider, such as Shredding On-Site, is a much easier, more secure, environmentally … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Documents Safe After Tax Season

5 Ways to Keep Documents Safe After Tax Season You’ve filed taxes –  or will soon – so what to do with that important, confidential paperwork after tax season? The IRS requires some information to be kept for up to seven years, so it’s important to have those documents in a protected, organized place that … Read More

Identity Theft – Is It All Digital?

Identity theft is a crisis that continues to spread across the United States. It seems as though every night on the news, there is a new story about a data breach, a sizable leak of sensitive material, or a new threat to expose personal information to the ‘black market.’ The University of Texas recently released … Read More

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