5 Ways Records Management Center Can Help Streamline Your Company’s Transition to Work From Home

5 Ways Records Management Center Can Help Streamline Your Company’s Transition to Work From Home

The recent major shift to work-from-home lifestyles has left many with the discovery that they have adapted to – and may even prefer – remote working. This change of pace requires workflow adaptation to promote accessibility, efficiency, organization, and security between employees and teams. We’re here to offer solutions! Here are five ways Records Management Center can help streamline your company’s remote work transition and setup.

1. Clean out vacated office space

If your office has transitioned into supporting work-from-home roles, there’s probably a lot of organizing and purging to do at the company office. We’re happy to help you “clean house” with services like secure offsite file storage and shredding on-site. If you know you’ll need your critical files later, our experienced staff can help you consolidate files for storage within our state-of-the-art records center, set up a customized, tiered organizational system for easy access, and deliver them to your authorized users upon request. 

If you know your piles of files are now obsolete (but still contain sensitive information from clients and employees), it’s a great time to set up a shredding purge. Our team can come right to your office, shred the documents on the premises within our specialized mobile shredding truck, provide a Certificate of Destruction upon completion, then recycle the shredded paper. This is an incredibly convenient and thorough way to dispose of your business’ docs and clean out vacated office space!

2. Provide centralized document storage and delivery through RMC’s Scan-On-Demand services

For clients that store hard copy files in Records Management Center’s secure records center, if access to a file is requested, we can immediately pull and scan the file and send a digital copy electronically through a secure file sharing service. This data can be delivered electronically over secure FTP, VPN, and/or encrypted email transfer or by encrypted hard drive or electronic storage device rotations. This hybrid approach to file storage and document digitization allows your organization to free up office space by relocating documents and records to RMC’s facility while maintaining quick and easy access to digitized files.

3.Scan paper documents to digital files

What happens if your company office is stocked with paper files, but you and your team still need daily access to these files while working remotely? We recommend converting these physical documents to digital files through our high-speed scanning service. In addition to scanning standard letter size documents, RMC is able to scan documents up to 42? wide and of continuous lengths – such as maps, blueprints, engineering plans, etc. We also have specialized equipment to quickly scan microfilm rolls and microfiche slides to digital format for easier access, searchability, and viewing from a computer or mobile device. 

Converted data can be stored on Records Management Center’s internal secure servers, in the cloud, or locally on your internal shared network. As part of our customized scanning process, we offer full document preparation, unique filename, and metadata entry, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing to improve content search. Our scanning process allows files, metadata, words, and characters within digital files to be searchable and accessible, improving your document workflow and file-sharing capabilities while working remotely. 

4. Gain online access to document management functions through ClientWeb

ClientWeb, Records Management Center’s proprietary secure online web-based file management portal, offers options for inventory and data management and access for both hard copies in storage at RMC’s facility or scanned files and content in the cloud. ClientWeb features secure and controlled access, customized user rights and information siloing, file sharing, inventory ordering, and tracking, file retention tracking, customizable data fields, instant accessibility, and 24/7 availability from your workstations and remotely through mobile devices

5. Reconfigure your office furniture and relocate your employees

Records Management Center’s sister company, Central Maine Moving & Storage, will help your organization reconfigure its office space and furniture, whether downsizing, relocating, or upgrading. The Central Maine Moving & Storage (CMMS) team are experts at office relocation and installation projects while minimizing your team’s downtime and disruption. As an added benefit, CMMS can also store your office’s temporarily unused office furniture in its secure, climate-controlled furniture storage warehouse conveniently located in Bangor, Maine.  Additionally, CMMS can provide a helping hand (or many helping hands!) to your office staff if they decide to relocate within Maine or anywhere in the U.S.!  Click the following link for more information on commercial office moving or employee relocation –  https://www.movingmaine.com/commercial-moving/ 

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