A fuel surcharge may apply and be adjusted monthly without notice in accordance with our fuel surcharge policy.  Adjustments to fuel surcharge will be effective the first of each month and apply to all transportation and shredding related service charges during the month.  The fuel surcharge will be added on the invoice as a separate line item.

The fuel surcharge is based on the New England PADD 1A weekly gasoline (all grades) and diesel (on-highway) prices posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which you can access here on the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s website (link opens to external website).


Gasoline PriceDiesel Fuel PriceRate Increase
$3.00 – $3.24 Per Gallon$3.55 – $3.74 Per Gallon5%
$3.25 – $3.54 Per Gallon$3.75 – $4.04 Per Gallon8%
$3.55 – $3.85 Per Gallon$4.05 – $4.24 Per Gallon12%
$3.85+ Per Gallon$4.25+ Per Gallon15% (Capped)

Fuel Surcharge Example:  If your invoice subtotal for transportation and/or shredding services is $100.00, and the New England PADD 1A weekly on-highway diesel price is $3.85/gallon at the first of the month, then the Fuel Surcharge line item applied to your next invoice will be 8% x $100.00 = $8.00 based on the table above.  The fuel surcharge calculation is not applied to non-transportation/shredding services, such as records storage, scan-on-demand, or bin lease fees.