Think Green with RMC

Our pledge to environmental responsibility.

Sustainability and Recycling Facts:

Consider this… it takes 12 trees to make one ton of paper.  Records Management Center shreds and recycles nearly 7 tons of our clients’ paper products every day.  With our on-site and off-site shredding programs, every day we help our clients save…


  • 83 trees

  • 1,400 gallons of oil

  • 34,000 gallons of water

  • 20,000 kWh of energy

In 2014, RMC Shredding Services helped save an average of:

  • 83 trees per day, or

  • 581 trees a week, or

  • 2,490 trees a month, or

  • 30,295 trees for the year!

Our on-site and off-site shredding programs are an easy way to help your organization go green!

For every ton of paper you shred and recycle with us, Records Management Center will plant a tree in your honor. RMC will advertise a thank you to our clients on an annual basis.

For Example:  “Records Management Center would like to thank XYZ Company for helping us plant 150 trees in 2015.”

Please CONTACT US for more details!